Campaign to raise funds
to repair schools damaged by Floods in Bangladesh


Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) is a non-profit organization, established in 1998 by Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRB) to help the poorest children in rural Bangladesh to get quality education and skill training. It raises funds from the non-resident Bangladeshis and their American friends through its head office in New York and implements programs in Bangladesh through its Dhaka office. It is a charity organization registered in New York, New Jersey and in Bangladesh.

VAB in Bangladesh is making a drive to raise funds in Bangladesh from individual philanthropy and corporate donations. It is entering into partnership with other organizations for collaborative work on education.

The work of VAB improves the lives of children in rural Bangladesh through education. VAB awards scholarships provide tutoring, equips classrooms, and trains teachers. These programs lead to improved test scores, lower dropout rates, and ultimately a better standard of living for the students. VAB scholarship holders over the years have shown success in further studies and job. VAB supports secular education in the public system in Bangladesh.

VAB works in partnership with the rural high schools and helps to bring the parents, teachers, community members and the former students closer to the schools to take active interest in the improvement of the all quality of education the children receive.

Over the last fifteen years, VAB has helped more than 50,000 young men and women and their families in the villages and underprivileged areas of Bangladesh to overcome poverty and elevate their lives. The mission is now moving forward with greater strength and higher hopes.

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