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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) improves the lives of children in rural Bangladesh through education. VAB awards scholarships, provides tutoring, equips classrooms, and trains teachers. Programs begin in preschool and continue through college. These programs lead to improved test scores, lower dropout rates, and ultimately a better standard of living for the students. Founded in 1998, VAB’s first scholarship recipients are now in universities, professional colleges or starting their careers. VAB supports a secular education. Click here to see all of VAB’s programs.

Extraordinary Performances by VAB Schools and VAB Students in 2014 SSC Exam

VAB-assisted 53 rural high schools this year have scored a 93.47% pass rate in the SSC Examination. This is not only an outstanding rate, but also higher than the national average (91.34%) , as in the previous years. Moreover, 11 of the schools had a 100% pass rate – nearly twice the number of last year! These are indeed remarkable accomplishments considering that the national average is dominated by better-equipped urban schools, with better trained teachers, and more affluent students.

Out of 266 VAB scholarship recipients, 254 representing 95.49% passed the Exam with 81.96% receiving “A-” grade or higher.

VAB scholarship recipients and its sponsored schools have been increasingly performing better than the national average for the past few years, especially after the full range of VAB programs came into effect. Not only that the scholarship recipients have been succeeding over the years in the 93-98 percent range, their performance level has also increased with more students getting a grade of “A-” or higher. Congratulations to VAB’s students for their hard work and success, and congratulations to VAB schools for their improved quality of education and achievements.


90% of Donated Funds Spent On Programs and Services

Most VAB staff are volunteers. Fund raising costs are kept low through mailed in and online donations. Please consider making a donation today.


VAB’s Skill Training Program

Besides focusing on general education, VAB also pursues skill training in computer and information technology. This training is managed by VAB-NJ. Through its Computer Literacy Program (CLP), it has established 216 centers and trained 40,000 underprivileged students (49% female) in mostly rural areas of 52 districts of Bangladesh. Recently, under a Private-Public Partnership Initiative of the Government of Bangladesh, it has launched a program to establish 100 new Computer Centers and Smart Class Rooms in secondary schools (computer aided education). VAB-NJ provides an opportunity to introduce its program in a high school of one’s choice. For further details, please visit:

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