Volunteer Opportunities


VAB relies heavily on volunteers to implement its educational programs  Beginning in 2005 VAB has given the responsibility of school monitoring to about 30 local college and University students as Volunteer Interns.  So far 68 of them have also been given various training and 35 have landed jobs.

VAB takes fresh university graduates as interns. This serves as a training ground for the potential future entrants in social sector through NGOs. VAB reaps benefit out of their ideas, vigor and desire to learn and puts them into substantive work in its program. If you are willing to be an intern, please contact: vab.bgd@gmail.com

University students form a part of VAB workforce in the execution of its programs. The high school students can connect with these volunteers more closely. The volunteers become role models for the high school students and it incentivizes them to dream of their own future. To enroll as volunteers, please contact: vab.bgd@gmail.com