VAB embarked on its journey with the following mission:

VAB is firmly committed to contribute to improving the economic and social well-being of the rural people of Bangladesh, and recognizes that providing access and support to sustain high school education by students from poorer families is the most appropriate way to alleviate poverty and bring about meaningful changes at the family level and eventually at the societal level.

VAB’s two-pronged approach in support of the mission is to:

  • Provide necessary support to deserving students from poor families (thereby, among other things, reducing dropout rate) in obtaining high school education and skill training so that they may shape their future in a better and productive way.
  • Provide a modest need-based integrated package of support to selected partner high schools for nurturing an enabling environment and capacity at the institutional level. The expected benefits of this support will be more broad-based and potential leverage for larger reforms for quality education.

VAB improves the education of poor students from rural Bangladesh by providing scholarships, tutoring, teachers’ training, and equipment. VAB’s focus is high school education, but it also supports colleges. VAB’s first scholarship recipients are now in universities, professional institutions, or starting their careers.