Get Involved

VAB is always open for partnership with any organization concerning improvement of the quality and availability of education for the underprivileged rural students of Bangladesh. WE already have partnership with Chevron Bangladesh, Rotary Club, Agami Foundation and Jago Foundation

Be a Volunteer
No battle can be won in isolation; collective efforts are vital to success. So, distribute your knowledge, power and responsibilities and volunteer allover Bangladesh where there is a great need for your skills.
VAB is always blessed by wonderful volunteers who are the heart and soul of VAB’s core projects. We have a strong and committed team of student volunteers from universities who provide support to our programs and are an integral part of connecting with the aspirations of our rural students.

Be a donor 
VAB provides a wonderful opportunity for you to give back something to the very society that has served you. You can donate any amount and your effort can change the life of an underprivileged student in rural areas.

Be a Sponsor
You can participate in this great cause by sponsoring a VAB project or the comprehensive program for one or more schools. Our program aims at creating sustainable improvement of the quality of education over a five year period.

We recognize all donors, sponsors and volunteers. We have a scheme to name a project in your or your nominee’s name. Our accounts are accessible to all donors and sponsors.